Description: The assignment will help the student begin to identify research questions and the strategies to answer the question from week 3 assignment. 

Part 1: Go to the APUS Online Library and watch the following videos:

Navigating Your APUS Library 

Get to Know Your Trefry Library
Trefry Library Tour | 2:58
Take a quick navigational tour of your Library
Defining the Library
An interactive glossary of terms commonly used in the library
Finding Books Using a Primo Search | 2:18
Learn how to use Primo to find books for your research.
Finding Articles Using a Primo Search | 2:09
Learn how to tailor your Primo search using filters, how to access full-text, and how to save resources for later use.
Finding Articles Using Subscription Databases |3:31
Learn how to find and choose the best database to search for relevant research on your topic.
Finding Journals Using a Primo Search | 2:30
Learn how to track down a specific journal or full text to a specific article.
Finding Scholarly Resources Using Google Scholar | 2:14
Learn how to use Google Scholar to find scholarly resources on the open web.
Search WorldCat | 0:59
Learn how to search for books (and more!) in libraries near you.
Subject Specific Research
Researching Federal Legislation Using | 4:31
GIS for Public Policy | 13:30
This is an introductory video that discusses how GIS (geographic Information Systems) can be used in the field of Public Policy.
Introduction to Nexis Uni | 6:09
Legal Writing and Citing Resources | 4:15
Part 2: Annotated Bibliography

Using the library, locate two articles from journals of interest (eg. American Journal of Public Health)  

Complete the Annotated Bibliographies for two scholarly sources.  This is a formal bibliography that includes citations of sources with summary and evaluation information for each source. The emphasis is on finding accurate, reliable sources and providing a clear summary and evaluation for each source.  Please see attached for examples on how to complete the Annotated Bibliography.

(I have attached supporting documents for your convenience.)


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