THIS ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 2-3 HOURS for $20 Discussion 3: Candidates will be able to demonstrate their competence in integrating technology to facilitate the literacy needs of students in Content-Area Literacy and Disciplinary Literacy  Directions: Please answer the following questions. You can use bullets to summarize you responses. Also respond to one post that your peer has shared. What are the key points of the material that you explored? What was new to you and how did it change the way you perceive addressing the educational needs of your students? Give at least one specific example of an experience in your personal or professional life that is related to the readings/videos. REQUIRED READINGS: More Language Arts, Math, and Science for Students with Severe Disabilities III Teaching Common Core Mathematics and Teaching Science Beginning Numeracy Skills Alicia F. Saunders, Ya-yu Lo, and Drew Polly Teaching Grade-Aligned Math Skills Julie L. Thompson, Keri S. Bethune, Charles L. Wood, and David K. Pugalee Science as Inquiry Bree A. Jimenez and Heidi B. Carlone 11 Teaching Science Concepts Fred Spooner, Bethany R. McKissick, Victoria Knight, and Ryan Walker How Important Is Teaching Literacy in All Content Areas? Culturally Responsive Disciplinary Literacy Strategies Instruction Fish in a Tree: Ch. 9-17 Videos:  AIM Simply Said Accessible instructional materials are explained in this video from the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials and the PACER Center. (Time: 3:43) Assistive Technology in Action: Meet Elle Through the use of assistive technology, Elle, a young woman with cerebral palsy, is able to communicate with family, friends, and teachers. (Time: 3:42) Assistive Technology in Action: Meet Jared Through the use of assistive technology, Jared, a young man with cerebral palsy, is able to run a graphic arts business. (Time: 3:56) Assistive Technology in Action: Meet Mason Through the use of assistive technology, Mason, a young boy with vision loss, learns reading and writing in the same classroom as his sighted peers. (Time: 4:16) Assistive Technology in Action: Meet Sam Sam, a young man with cerebral palsy, shows off the assistive technology devices that help him to lead a more active life at home, at school, and with his friends and family. (Time: 4:14) 1737Unread for topic Discussion 3: Assistive Technology in Special Education :(37)View profile card for Faith RufusFaith RufusSat at 9:05 PM Module 4