I have been playing with the idea of returning to school since I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in 2008. Like so many, the time ‘never seemed right’ between work and family. My family is now more self-sufficient and I feel this is a good starting point. I plan to use this as a teachable moment for my children where hard work and dedication is demonstrated to them. Additionally, in my current nursing role, I would qualify to then sit for my school nurse certification once my Bachelor’s Degree is completed. Obtaining your baccalaureate degree is quickly becoming the standard in the nursing profession. It is important to me and my nursing practice to continue with my education to support the continuum of optimal care to those I serve.

I anticipate there to be many challenges along this course in earning an additional degree. Balancing home/family time, work and studies is at the top of the list, along with many others I am sure. I ideally, with my peers want to be successful in my classwork; finding my method to making that happen does create healthy anxiety. Much has changed in the world since I last stepped foot into a classroom. Catching up to those changes can be stressful while maintaing satisfactory work. It will take slow and deliberate attention to produce the quality of work that I feel I am capable to produce.

I feel in order to be an effective and successful student; my top priority is going to be establishment of the right study habits right away. Time management will come into play as the study material is managed in such a manner to retain the information that I am reviewing. I am fond of reviewing material ahead of time to prepare for discussion questions, papers and responses to fellow classmates. Personally, I feel reduced anxiety when I feel prepared and have enough time to form my responses. With the entirety of this program being on line for me, I feel that organization, preparedness and time management are going to be the most useful to me in order to be as successful as possible.