Art All Around #1: HOME 1. Instructions and submission windows are located in the Accomplish: Art All Around folder in the Content area. For Art All Around #1, the location of your artwork should be in or around your home. Instructions: The Art All Around journal will consist of entries describing and analyzing works of art and architecture that you encounter on a regular basis. It should not be a work that you yourself have created as the objective of this assignment is to appreciate art created by others. (Please do not rename this section “Art All Around the World”. It is intended as an exercise to increase your awareness and appreciation of art that you encounter on a regular basis. If you are a world traveler, then by all means share art from around the world with us.) A different location will be indicated for each entry, such as home, workplace/campus, restaurant, public building, etc. You can title your post with the location if you like. The same place may not be used more than once.  The same type of artwork (painting, sculpture, building, etc.) may not be used more than twice.  Though you are providing a photo of the artwork, your photo is not the work of art. For example, a photo you have taken of a beautiful sunset is not acceptable. A photo of a painting portraying a sunset that is hanging on the wall of your workplace would be acceptable. Two or more descriptive paragraphs are to be written about each of the chosen artworks, using the criteria for ‘What is Art’ as explained in Chapter Two of the text, and the concepts and language of art elements and principles found in Chapters Four and Five, as well as any other text reference. These entries should include a sketch or photograph of the artwork if permitted by its owner.  Grading: The following rubric will be used to grade your entries. You can view your score on the rubric after your assignment has been graded. Deadline Writing Style (grammar, spelling, organization) Demonstration of knowledge of artistic concepts (based on the content of Chapters Two, Four and Five as referred to in the paragraph above) Length, effort, creativity Journal entry This journal is peer reviewed, meaning that all students may view submitted files. After submitting your assignment (as a Word doc. with the image embedded), don’t forget to also submit your work in the journal! Your assignment will lose points if it hasn’t been also entered into the journal. Though a Word document is best for submissions to the teacher, for the journal please just cut & paste your text and image for easier viewing.